Basement Waterproofing In Queens NY

    Allow us to be completely blunt for a moment. Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY is the best way to prevent floods and damages from occurring in your basement. 

    Having any amount of unwanted water in your basement or basement flooding are topics that most of us don’t even want to think about. We totally understand. Basement flooding is indeed the worst nightmare of every homeowner. 

    We want you to know that everything is going to be alright. Because you’ve just found the  specialists at Apollo servicing Queens, NY. Whether your basement has experienced flooding in the past or you want to prevent basement flooding in the first place, our team has the  solutions for you.


    At Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY, we’re proud to offer the following waterproofing solutions: 

    When it comes to waterproofing your basement, our team has perfected the processes of interior and exterior waterproofing. For interior waterproofing, we install a drainage system such as a sump pump or French drain in your basement to ensure water flows away from your home’s foundation and stays out of your basement. Exterior waterproofing is when we expose your home’s foundation, repair the crack, and waterproof the area.

    Along with peace of mind, there are several other benefits to waterproofing your basement: 

    The truth of the matter is the longer you wait to have your basement waterproofed, the higher the risk of having unwanted water coming into your basement through the walls and floor.

    Like many of our customers you might be wondering just how unwanted water can get into your basement. We can answer that. Poured concrete foundation walls are usually subject to unwanted water entry through wall cracks. In fact, 98 percent of foundation cracks form during the first 30 days after the walls have been poured. That’s why we always recommend that you have your basement waterproofed sooner rather than later because these cracks will indeed get worse the longer your basement isn’t waterproofed. 

    When it comes to water coming into your basement via the floors or the floor/wall joints, this is often due to the absence or failure of a drain tile system and/or a sump pump or French drain not functioning properly. 

    We’d like to take the time to address another question you likely have: just how much does waterproofing your basement cost? 

    At Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY, we have always been honest and upfront with our customers. We know how important sticking to a budget is to you. It’s important to us as well! We always advise customers that when it comes to the cost of waterproofing, it’s best to budget $50-$300 per linear foot for exterior  waterproofing and $50-$100 per linear foot for interior  waterproofing. 

    At Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY, we offer a free, comprehensive and in-home basement waterproofing quote at your convenience. During this initial meeting we will fully inspect, assess and troubleshoot your basement. At this time we will also be able to give you an honest estimate to fully waterproof your basement. We promise that our basement waterproofing specialists are committed to giving you an upfront and accurate estimate to waterproof your basement based on the conditions of your foundation.

    Contact our basement waterproofing experts today. Let’s ease any worries and stress you have and get your basement waterproofed!