Foundation Repair


    Foundation Repair In Queens NY

    At Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY, we know that it is absolutely essential to catch the signs of a bad foundation early. 

    As one of the top foundation repair companies in Queens and its surrounding areas, our contractors always advise our customers that the following red flags mean you should look into basement repair and basement foundation waterproofing immediately: 


    In our experience doing foundation work in Queens NY, if your basement foundation and basement foundation waterproofing are not done right away, the repairs can become problematic and costly. We’re talking $4000-$5000 for basement foundation repairs. The fee can increase exponentially, doubled or even tripled, if the foundation repair requires specialized machinery and engineers to get involved. 

    But you have found our foundation repair contractors and for several years now we have been one of the most sought after and trusted foundation repair companies in Queens and its surrounding areas. Our basement foundation services include: 

    Our foundation repair contractors want you to know that not all cracks in your home’s foundation are problematic. It is also possible for us to fix a leaky basement from the inside. And it is natural for small, hairline cracks to form on your foundation walls due to the settlement of your home and/or seasonal expansion and contraction. Under the right conditions, our foundation repair contractors can repair these kinds of foundation cracks with epoxy. The epoxy fills the crack and bonds the pieces of concrete back together, sealing the area from leaks and further water damage. This service is quick and very affordable for our customers.  

    If your basement is experiencing unwanted water entry and/or flooding (or it has at any time in the past) you need to have your basement foundation repaired and waterproofed. Did you know that poured concrete foundation walls are usually subject to unwanted water entry through wall cracks? In fact, 98 percent of foundation cracks form during the first 30 days after the walls have been poured.

    That’s why we always recommend that you have your basement waterproofed as soon as possible, ideally upon construction. Trust us, things can indeed get worse the longer your basement isn’t waterproofed. 

    When you hire us, we always start with a free, comprehensive, and in-home basement inspection. We take the time to thoroughly look for any cracks in your foundation. We also want you to feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Once we have completed our inspection we can provide you with an action plan and an honest estimate. We always strive to schedule the work around your schedule. 

    In our experience, foundation repair is most common in older homes, but unfortunately we still find cracks in newer homes where the concrete didn’t settle properly due to the soil freezing, thawing, contracting and expanding. Foundation cracks can also be the result of poor construction or extreme weather such as blizzards, hurricanes, and earthquakes. 

    If you are concerned about the foundation of your home, please contact us right away to schedule a free, no obligation, consultation at your convenience. We don’t want to frighten you, but foundation issues in your home are a serious matter that requires the most experienced team for solutions. Don’t wait, let’s get your basement foundation repaired and waterproofed today!