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Crystle Lashley
Crystle Lashley
Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens did an amazing job on my foundation. They expertly fixed the cracks and stabilized everything. My home feels secure and solid again. Trust them for all your foundation needs!
Dre Dre
Dre Dre
For years, our basement was a damp, unused space. We finally decided to do something about it and contacted Apollo Basement Waterproofing. They recommended French drain installation, and let me tell you, it was a game changer! The basement is completely dry now, 5 stars!
Leah Killough
Leah Killough
I can’t express enough how pleased I am with the crawl space recovery done by Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens. Their workmanship is great and their team is extremely professional. They treated my home with respect, worked efficiently, and delivered a result that far exceeded my expectations. The improvement in my crawl space has made a noticeable difference in the overall comfort and air quality in my home. I would highly recommend their services to anyone!
Jasmine S.
Jasmine S.
Working with Alfredo and his basement waterproofing Queens team was a great experience. Our basement home in Forest Hills was flooding every time it rained. We ended up watering basement walls and installing french drain. Professional and experienced waterproofing company.
Mary Gibson
Mary Gibson
I'm ecstatic about Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens! My basement used to feel like a water park after heavy rain, but these heroes saved the day. Their Ridge, NY team is top-notch, and my basement is now dry as a bone. No need to break the bank either; their prices are reasonable. If you're dealing with a soggy basement, don't hesitate to give them a call.
Jeannie Foster
Jeannie Foster
I am absolutely thrilled with the outstanding service provided by Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens! They are hands down the best basement waterproofing company in town. From the moment I contacted them, their team was quick to respond and provided me with a comprehensive assessment of the issue. Throughout the waterproofing process, they were professional and attentive, ensuring every detail was addressed. Now, my basement is completely dry and protected from any water damage. I can't thank Apollo Basement Waterproofing enough for their exceptional service.
Amber Ortiz
Amber Ortiz
My basement in Ridge, NY was a nightmare, but Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens turned it around. These pros are the real deal efficient, skilled, and dependable. Big thumbs up from me.


Over 20 years of experience

NYC Licensed & Insured

Free Estimate

Flexible payment plans

Sump Pump Installation In Queens NY

Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY was established to offer basement waterproofing solutions to the residents of Queens and its surrounding areas. By maintaining and insisting on only the highest standards of service, our basement waterproofing specialists have helped us quickly become one of the top basement waterproofing companies in Queens and its surrounding areas. Since day one, we have diligently and successfully waterproofed hundreds of basements. And every member of our team is certified, bonded, insured, and continues to keep up to date on the latest knowledge, procedures, regulations, and innovations in the industry. We are committed to upholding our gold standard reputation for years to come.
At Basement Waterproofing Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY, we’re proud to offer the following services: 
  • Exterior and interior basement waterproofing
  • Foundation repair
  • Basement crack repair
  • Sump pump installation and repair
  • French drain installation and repair
  • Crawl space waterproofing
  • Clean up when the job is done
  • Customer friendly warranty packages

We want to take the opportunity to address one of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers: should I be worried about water leaks in my basement?

If proper maintenance and repair measures haven’t been taken, then unfortunately the answer is yes. In our experience, most basements will experience either unwanted water entering your basement or outright flooding. At Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens, keeping your basement dry is our most imperative objective.

But the good news is that you have found us – the basement waterproofing specialists. When you have a free, in-home basement waterproofing consultation with us, we can immediately assess and troubleshoot any existing structural concerns in your basement.We don’t have to tell you that any amount of unwanted water seepage, moisture, and flooding can mean extreme inconveniences and expenses for you. But that’s why we do what we do. We are a professional and affordable basement waterproofing solution team Unwanted water showing up in your basement can be the result of cosmetic issues or a structural problem with your home’s foundation. Unwanted water in your basement can lead to: 
  • Air quality issues
  • The onset of mold and mildew
  • Fungus infestations
  • Damage to your mechanical, decorative, and personal belongings
When you hire us, we can fully inspect your basement and expertly determine the source of any unwanted water coming into your basement. Did you know that unwanted moisture in your basement can come from seeps through your basement walls, through your basement floor or floor/wall joint, or over the top of your basement wall? From our many years of experience with basement waterproofing, we have perfected the process of exterior and interior basement waterproofing. Exterior Waterproofing is when we expose your home’s foundation, repair the crack and waterproof the area. For interior waterproofing, we install a drainage system in your basement to ensure water flows away from your home’s foundation.  We guarantee that you’re not going to just love your new kitchen, but you’re going to truly enjoy the entire remodeling experience with us. Yes that sounds like a stretch, but we take the time to truly get to know each and every one of our customers. We want to earn your trust and fully understand what you truly want out of your new and improved kitchen. We want to know your wants, needs, preferences, budget and lifestyle. We want to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

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