French Drain Installation


French Drain Installation

Did you know that one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent basement flooding is through a French drain basement installation? 

At Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY, our basement waterproofing team takes immense pride in our ability to provide our customers with French drain systems. 

Since we are often asked this question by our customers, we’d like to first address: what exactly is a French drain system? 

A French drain is a trench that is filled with gravel, rock, or both. It also contains a perforated pipe that redirects unwanted water away. French drains are often used to prevent unwanted water from damaging or entering into your home’s foundation. 

At Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY, we offer the following French drain basement options:

  • Below the floor French drain – This type of French drain installation goes below your home’s floor and rests on top of your foundation’s footing. This French drain installation process involves removing a section of floor and creating a drainage trench. The drain is then placed within this trench and the flooring is replaced. A wall flange extends  above the floor, allowing the drain to collect any unwanted water leaking from your basement walls.
  • Baseboard French drain pipe – Most home foundations are composed of three pieces: walls, floor, and footing. Other foundations, referred to as monolithic foundations, come with the floor and footing as one piece. Monolithic foundations have incredibly thick floors. To avoid having to use a jackhammer for installation, we recommend the French drain basement installation of a baseboard Drain Pipe System. This type of French drain system is installed above your floor, so no need to get out that jackhammer. Whew! 
  • Thin floor French drain system – In our many years of working on French drain basements, we have found that the concrete floor in some basements is much too thin for a drain to be installed on top of the footer. We then recommend a Thin floor French drain system. This system is designed to sit in front of the footing in a bed of drainage stone.
  • Perimeter French drain – We recommend installing this type of French drain if there is iron bacteria present in your water. This bacteria is known for its awful stench, clogging drainage systems and staining absolutely everything it comes into contact with. A perimeter drain tackles this bacteria with its extra-wide drain channel, an exposed and removable lid, and larger drainage openings. So if your drain does get clogged, this French drain system allows for a quick and easy remedy.  
  • Grated French Drainage Pipe – We’ve had customers throughout the years who would like us to prevent water from flooding their basement from an outer entryway. For these cases we will span the opening with a grated French drainage pipe. The grated opening of this French drain system is designed to channel any unwanted water to your perimeter drain.

No matter when or how your home was built, at Apollo Basement Waterproofing Queens NY we know we have the basement waterproofing solution for your basement

We know you’re probably wondering: How much does a French drain installation cost? 

We believe in always being open and honest with our customers about all aspects of basement waterproofing especially when it comes to your budget. For a French drain installation, you can expect to pay between $5,000-$13,500. 

Contact our team of basement waterproofing experts today to schedule a free, comprehensive, no obligation, and in-home French drain consultation at your convenience. Our initial consultations always include a thorough inspection to troubleshoot any potential issues in your basement, solutions for said issues, and an honest and accurate estimate.